Cosmogres - Production of sanitaryware wash basins, shower trays, wash tubs

Cosmogres S.r.l.
Loc.tà I Felceti
01035, Gallese Scalo, VT
tel. +39.0761.496333
fax. +39.0761.496287
Cod Fisc e P.IVA 00738040567

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Sanitary series
Carina Series
Stile wallhung series
Stile floor mounted series
Unica wallhung series
Unica series
Margherita Unica Series
Relax series

Interior wash basins
Carina counter basin
Carina monolitic basin
Unico counter basin
Unico Max counter basin
Foglia counter basin
Giunco counter basin
Madrid counter or suspended wash basin
Counter top wash basin papillon
Relax column wash basin

Under-counter basins
Arno wash basin on cabinet
Po total inset wash basin

Aragnon Washbasin
Stile 70 consolle
Console 105 Stile
Relax console
Danubio console
Wash basin Diagonal
Wash basin Kono

Ceramic top basins

Floor-level shower trays
Slim shower tray
Slim shower tray with sfera decoration
Slim shower tray chromatic version

H6 shower trays
Mosaico shower tray
Margherita shower tray
Grip Rigato shower tray

Shower trays h11

Indoor wash-tubs with cabinets
Mosella wash tub
Dordogne wash tub
Loira wash tub
Ticino wash tub
Reno wash tub
Joker wash tub
Rodano wash tub
Rodano Plus wash tub
Danubio wash tub

Outdoor wash-tubs with cabinets
Mosella wash tub
Loira wash tub
Reno wash tub
Joker wash tub
Rodano wash tub
Ticino wash tub

Wash tub basins
Wash tub shelfs
Wood board in russian pine for wash tub
Lay wash tub
Lay Plus wash tub
Senna wash tub
Marna wash tub

Community elements
Tevere sink basin
Adda sink basin
Tamigi squat closet toilette
Eden squat closet toilette
Wash basin for disables
Wc for disables